Friday, 23 June 2017

#AOJDailyeNews Palladium ETFs continue their bull run as Gold ETFs look on

 Precious metal investing is in a tug of war between geopolitical tensions and a hawkish Fed. This is especially true for gold which is viewed as a safe-haven asset.
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#AOJDailyeNews Analysts debate gold touching $1,300 mark; can end below $1,200

 As gold continues to be supported by geopolitical tensions, more hawkish central banks around the world are putting new pressures on the yellow metal, enough to potentially have it end the year below $1,200, says one analyst. Read More

#AOJDailyeNews Hedge funds remain bearish on gold ETFs

 In the troubled hedge fund world, there haven't been too many positive stories in recent months. Funds across the country are continuing to face an uphill battle against dwindling assets, disinterested investors who have grown frustrated with high fees. Read More 

Thursday, 22 June 2017

#AOJDailyeNews Government will be kind to genuine GST compliance mistakes says Adhia

 With the countdown to GST rollout underway, government on 22nd June promised leniency in enforcing penal laws for violations during the initial period of implementation of the new national sales tax regime.Read More 

#AOJQuote of the day 23rd June 2017

: "Our intention is to have a smooth landing of GST. Intention is not to harass everyone in the first month. Distinction would be made between genuine mistakes in filing of returns and deliberate attempts to evade taxes. The government will be "very very kind" to genuine mistakes. There would be leniency, but I cannot announce now." Hashmukh Adhia, Revenue Secretary, GoI.

#AOJDailyeNews After a slump Swiss watches exports jump by 9%

 Swiss watch exports jumped in May amid stronger demand from China and Hong Kong, the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry reported on 22nd June.
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#AOJQuote of the day 23rd June 2017

"As much people say but gold is not losing its shine. Post demonetisation, business has not been good due to its effect. But, the price is still favouring people to buy gold. Within 45 days of GST taking effect, when the festival season starts, we feel it will be good for the industry." Surendra Mehta, Secretary, Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association